Classic Caviar Plate

A Classic Caviar Plate is ideal for most occasions, but I especially like to serve this to my guests at New Year’s or to a loved one for a romantic evening.

Classic Caviar Plate Recipe:

Total Time: 20 minutes


Ingredients (for 2 people, multiply as appropriate)

· Caviar 30g

· 3 hard boiled eggs

· 1 lemon cut into wedges

· 1 small red onion diced small

· A Small handful of chives, chopped

· 250ml crème fraiche or sour cream

· Ice


Toast Points:

· ½ a loaf white bread (good quality), thinly sliced

· Butter, unsalted, room temperature


Caviar Plate Instructions:

1. Remove caviar from the fridge. Allow caviar to sit (unopened) at room temperature for 15-45 minutes prior to serving.

2. Place the caviar tin in a Caviar servers bowl or in a small bowl but ensure it is kept on ice

3. Peel hard-cooked eggs and separate the whites and yolks. Chop yolks and whites separately.

4. To serve, place the bowl with the caviar tin on a large platter and surround with small bowls of chopped egg yolks and egg whites, lemon wedges, red onion, chives, creme fraiche, and Toast Points (see recipe below).

5. Serve and enjoy!


Toast Points Instructions:

1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees C. Trim the crusts off and slice the bread in halves on the diagonal, twice, to form four (4) triangles; set the bread on a baking sheet, brush one side with the butter.

2. Place the bread in a single layer on a baking sheet.

3. Toast the bread until golden brown and crisp on top, about 1 to 2 minutes. Flip and cook the other side until golden, about 1 minute. Remove from oven and cool the "points" on a baking rack.

4. Toast Points can be made up to a day ahead; store them in an airtight container.


Pro Tips:

Remember, always keep your caviar in its tin until just before ready to serve.

Take it out of the fridge 15-45 minutes before serving.

Use a mother of pearl caviar spoon (we supply these) or a bone, gold plated, or plastic spoon. Never use stainless steel or silver to serve caviar, it will tarnish the taste.

Once opened, the caviar tin or jar should be consumed within an hour for maximum taste. It will ‘keep’ for a few days in the fridge but its quality will deteriorate once opened.

There are no rules on what drink with caviar. You are the best judge on what beverage tastes the best to you and your friends. Vodka (straight from the freezer), champagne or a dry white wine would be our recommendations, but the decision is yours.